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Uber experments with Helicopters: UberChopper is born

Last week, as part of a promotion about summer service between New York City and the Hamptons, Uber offered one-way helicopter rides between New York City heliports and the Hamptons. An SUV ride for up to five people to and from the helipads on both ends of the trip was included.


A one-way UberChopper ride for up to 5 people cost a flat $3000, while a ride in a vehicle to the Hamptons was only $300, $400 or $500 for uberX, uber and uberSUV respectively. The helicopter service was only offered for one day (July 3) while the regular uber service to the hamptons will be offered for the rest of the summer.

This is an interesting move for Uber – uberChopper is clearly catering to the uberWealthy while at the new lower uberX rates are catering to the budget-conscious as a cheaper alternative to taxis.

Carsharing using Teslas (and Coptersharing) coming to Las Vegas

Project100The Las Vegas Downtown project recently announced the purchase of 100 Teslas to kickstart their new transportation program: Project 100.  They are aiming to build a transportation around Downtown Las Vegas to encourage people to forgo car ownership.

Project 100 will include carsharing with Teslas and low range electrical vehicles, bikesharing, on-demand rides, party busses and potentially helicopters.  The program is unique in that it will offer access to multiple modes of transportation with one membership.  Their goal is to attract people to the downtown community and offer a service which exceeds the utility of car ownership at the same price.  The exact membership and pricing structure hasn’t been determined but it will be interesting to watch the project and see what types of innovative and crazy transportation options they come up with.