A Post-medallion World

The priceonomics blog has a great post on traditional taxis (medallion-based systems) vs new ridesharing startups (technology-based systems like Sidecar, Lyft, Uber and Instantcab). Its a great read about the current state of ridesharing in … Read the rest →

Uber faces yet another fight in Denver

Uber gets to navigate arcane local, county and state laws and corrupt taxi monopolies in every city where it launches. Denver is no exception.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has proposed regulations that will make … Read the rest →

Legal Issues with peer-to-peer Ridesharing

Peer-to-peer ridesharing company Tickengo has retained former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown to serve as their legal council in dealing with the cease-and-desist letters that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has been sending lately. … Read the rest →

More one-way trip options with Scoot

Electric scooter sharing service Scoot announced today that it now supports one-way trips in both directions between four different scoot pods and the Caltrain. The locations are Mary’s Square, Polk Gulch, Mission & 16th and … Read the rest →

Scoot now supports one-way trips

Scoot Networks, provider of short-term electric scooter rental in San Francisco, announced today that they now support one-way trips.  Initially, one-way trips will only be allowed between two scoot locations:  21st & Valencia and Caltrain … Read the rest →