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Scoot now offers one-way scooter trips to all locations

scoot-logoScooter-sharing company Scoot announced last week that all scoots can now be rented for one-way trips between any stations in the Scoot network.

Scoot currently supports 12 locations in San Francisco. There is no additional charge for using Scoot for one-way trips. One way trips are only allowed to stations that have at least one available spot, however this information is shown before your reservation is made so you’ll know in advance which locations are available.

scoot locationsOne-way trips on Scoot open up a wide variety of multi-modal trip options. Because Scoots have limited cargo capacity, a user could scoot to a store and then take a cab or transit back. It also means Scoots could be used as a convenient one-way option for chained trip between two places not well served by transit.

More one-way trip options with Scoot

scoot-logoElectric scooter sharing service Scoot announced today that it now supports one-way trips in both directions between four different scoot pods and the Caltrain. The locations are Mary’s Square, Polk Gulch, Mission & 16th and Mission & 21st. The cost for one-way trips is the same as a round trip: $5/hour or the $10 daily rates (see full rate chart).


This expands on the one-way trips that Scoot enabled last week between Mission & 21st and Caltrain. Scoot also pushed updates to its app to allow searching for one-way and two-way trips.

One-way scoot rentals open up lots of new multi-modal trip options using transit, carpooling, walking or taxi combined with scoot.  It also makes taking Caltrain a lot more attractive for people living near Scoot locations.

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Scoot now supports one-way trips

scoot-logoScoot Networks, provider of short-term electric scooter rental in San Francisco, announced today that they now support one-way trips.  Initially, one-way trips will only be allowed between two scoot locations:  21st & Valencia and Caltrain (4th & Townsend).  They intend to work the kinks out of one-way trips before adding the ability across all of their locations.

There are no additional fees for one-way trips: Scoots still cost only $5/hour or $10 for 8AM – 6PM Weekdays or Overnight.

scoots with docks2If you are not familiar with scoot, it operates similar to a carsharing company like Zipcar except they provide electric scooters instead of cars.  Pricing ends up being a lot less than car rental.  No special driver’s license is needed.

I’m a member of a scoot and excited to give one-way trips a try.  One-way trips open up a lot of trip types that were not possible before (assuming you live near a one-way scoot pod):

  • Scoot to a store, buy something bulky and take a cab home
  • Scoot to meet someone and take transit from there
  • Scoot somewhere to drink, and take transit home
  • Scoot to Caltrain, go to the southbay and get a ride home with someone

It will be interesting to see how scoot handles one-way demand across the day: will they need to constantly reposition scoots to meet demand going to caltrain in the morning and coming back in the evening?

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